When your dentist recommends you or your child see an orthodontist for braces, you’re likely to have a plethora of questions and concerns. You may wonder how long treatment usually lasts. You may not be sure what treatment options are available. You may even know you have a potential change of location promotion ahead of you and be unsure how it would impact your treatment with braces. We have those answers for you in this handy list of questions you’ll want to be sure to discuss at your first orthodontist appointment.

Are There Activity Restrictions Once Treatment With Braces Begins?

As a general rule, most orthodontic patients aren’t restricted from everyday and athletic activities.

How Long Will The Braces Need To Be Worn?

Length of treatment is usually a major consideration when a dentist recommends braces for you or your child.

Why Should I Entrust My Orthodontic Needs To A Specialist?

One of the most important considerations in selecting an orthodontist is if he/she has graduated

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