Andrew Hansen

I believe that one of the greatest gifts a person can receive is confidence, especially the sort of confidence to smile without self-consciousness or embarrassment. The sort of confidence that opens doors socially and professionally for the rest of your life. Being able to give that gift to people every day is what makes being an orthodontist so great.

I feel blessed to be part of a profession which allows me the opportunity to get to know my patients, and not just help their smile grow, but help them grow as people. I hope to build up every single person who comes to our office and to be an advocate not only for them and their families, but for our communities as well.

Being able to practice orthodontics with my wife makes it all even better. Spencer and I have very similar treatment philosophies and mindsets when it comes to orthodontics and how we want to treat our patients. Being able to share that and watch our patients progress through their treatment together is something very special to me.

Medical Circle 801
Longview 75605 TX US
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